Today is the day! The MILLY Fall ‘14 Runway Show will be streamed live here at 2 pm ET. Be sure to tune in to get a front row seat. Plus, sign up here to get more sneak peeks. 
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Every collection starts with an inspiration board. Michelle compiles images that stand out to her, creating a mood for the collection as the pictures are collaged together. Fabric is a key part of every MILLY collection. Michelle's use of exquisite European materials differentiate her collections from others. Here's a sneak peek of one of Michelle's fabric boards. Michelle's exclusive sketch for WWD! Oh, the excitement of seeing sketches come to life down the runway! Pleats, pink and tulle. Yes, please! Embroidered fringe and statement leather put a modern twist on any silhouette. Pops of color, pattern and bold textures give the Fall '14 collection an
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Today marks the first day of New York Fashion Week, so we put together a few essentials to get you through the week, MILLY-style: 

1. A MILLY LBD for post-show drinks and fashion parties.
2. A statement cocktail coat. Who doesn’t want to make a bold entrance?
3. A Juice Press “Ginger Fireball.” Definitely no time to get sick and this will ward off any oncoming cold…
4. The MILLY Watersnake Satchel to fit all of the 5,943 things you can’t live without during a day full of shows.  
5. A colorful MILLY iPhone case. No time to lose searching through your bag for your phone.  
6. Headphones. Need to zone out for a few minutes? Listen to some of Michelle’s favorite tunes, like Inner City’s “Big Fun” or “Good Life”. 
6. A bag of Ruffles chips (specifically cheddar cheese and sour cream). There’s no better way to fulfill your salt craving. 
7. Sour Patch Kids. Let’s be honest - after a bag of salty chips, you’ll obviously need some sugar. 
Don’t forget to watch the livestream of the MILLY Fashion Show this coming Monday, February 10th at 2 pm. 
Also, be sure to check out our favorite spots to head after a day of fashion shows and don’t miss out on our show-stopping looks to rock during NYFW. 

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The Marlton Hotel Back Bar Boom Boom Room Electric Room
2 months ago
Straight from the SS '14 runway. Get the midi skirt and cropped jacket now. Keep them guessing with these luxurious leather overalls. Throw a statement coat over every look you wear and let the compliments roll. This season's new handbag silhouette, the camera bag - get it now! Three words: laser cut leather. A holographic clutch is sure to turn heads.
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Stay up to date on all that’s happening behind the scenes at MILLY HQ leading up to the MILLY fashion show on Monday, February 10 at 2pm.
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If you’ve ever played Starships or Super Bass on repeat (come on, don’t lie…) then you’ll understand why we were incredibly excited to see the fabulous Nicki Minaj rocking a MILLY SS ‘14 bodysuit on the February cover of ESPN Magazine. Even better, she’s featured on the cover with basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant. 
Nicki Minaj, who is known for her one-of-a-kind fashion style, pairs the MILLY bodysuit with a feminine pleated skirt and killer platforms. For MILLY SS ‘14, Michelle drew inspiration from perforated facades found in contemporary Japanese architecture. The custom-made prints, one of which Nicki is wearing on the ESPN cover, were based on Japanese and Hawaiian florals. 
Talk about a Major MILLY Moment! 
Find out how to get the look from HBO’s GIRLS, read behind the scenes about the MILLY X Friends of FINN t-shirts, and get the inside scoop on Michelle’s making of a Golden Globes dress. 
Shop MILLY dresses, MILLY handbags and MILLY Cabana swimwear for your next vacation! 2 months ago
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2 months ago
Honeycomb Knit Pencil Skirt Strapless Jumpsuit Leather Trim Short Peek-A-Boo Knit Sleeve Tunic
3 months ago
Right now, we’re all about cut outs. With spring just around the corner (kind of…) it’s time to punch up your wardrobe. Vibrant colors, sophisticated cut out details, and luxurious Italian fabrics, like neoprene and hexagon fil coupe, make this collection sophisticated and modern. 
If you’re looking for a more subtle palette, Michelle, designer and founder of MILLY, updates your traditional black and white pieces in statement silhouettes. 
Shop our new collection here! 
Plus, read about the making of a Golden Globes red carpet dress, check out our interview with Project Runway All Stars winner Seth Aaron, and find out how to write the perfect thank you note. 
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3 months ago
The party’s over—now it’s time to get down to business and write those thank you notes. In celebration of the MILLY for Dempsey & Carroll stationery collaboration, our favorite etiquette expert, Rajiv Surendra, a New York based artist and calligrapher who specializes in lettering with pen and ink and chalk, shares some tips for how to do it the right way. You might just be surprised…
What are the components of the perfect thank you note?
Never start a thank you note with the words “thank you.” Always start from a personal place. Start with a specific comment or something you’re grateful for in terms of what it is you’re given. 
What are the most common mistakes you see?
One of the common mistakes is not saying anything at all about what it is you’re given. Someone took the time to pick that out for you and give that to you and so that reciprocating that will extend why it is special to you or why it is great or what you thought of when you opened it up. 
How do you write many thank you notes in a row without coming off like a robot?
If you write them all at once, they’ll all come across a little meaningless, so do yourself a favor and split them up over time. 
What if you have terrible handwriting?
I feel passionate about someone expressing truthfully – you should write anyway – that shouldn’t stop you from writing with a pen. That representation on paper is a very special thing. It’s a piece of you. Don’t let that stop you or intimidate you.
Is it ever too late to send a thank you note?
It’s never too late to send a thank you note but generally what we tend to recommend, a week after you receive a gift is normal etiquette but after the holidays it’s nice to receive thank you notes within the first two weeks of the New Year. It feels a little late after that. Everyone is going back to work on Monday onward.
 How should you go about choosing your correspondence notecards?
The card you choose should be a representation of you. Don’t worry about what the person is going to like, choose a card that you like.
Can you share any etiquette regarding addressing your envelopes?
Make sure you put the return address in case you get it back and you know the person didn’t receive it. A nice tip is to go an extra step and use a commemorative stamp that the US Postal Service creates every year. They look beautiful on the envelope. If you can take the time to pick out stamps that you like they add a personal touch.
There you have it—go forth and conquer. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the MILLY for Dempsey & Carroll stationery collaboration. 
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We’re excited to announce the launch of our new mobile site! If you’re on the go and in need of some MILLY (we understand…) our new mobile site is fast and easy to use. Be sure to check it out the next time you’re on your phone. Tweet us your thoughts @millybymichelle. 
Read our Q&A with Project Runway All Stars winner Seth Aaron, check out our style resolution for 2014, and find out our most recent style icon. 
Shop MILLY dresses, MILLY handbags and MILLY Cabana swimwear for your next vacation! 3 months ago

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